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How to Manage Change at Work


Managing change can be one of the most challenging situations for organisations and individuals. Here are some of the ways you can use Working Edge in managing change:


  • Communication:

- Communicating change to staff members in appropriate and constructive ways

- Encouraging staff to respond positively to structural change and professionally

   to bad news

- Engaging the creativity and resourcefulness of your staff in supporting you to

   implement change

- Handling negative reactions to change and conflict resolution


  • Implementing redundancies:

- Giving bad news clearly and honestly

- Ensuring staff feel heard and respected

- Being sympathetic but holding boundaries

- Self-support strategies in difficult times


  • Managing your own response to change:

- Thinking through the implications for you

- Talking through concerns, hopes and fears

- Developing communication strategies and negotiation skills to achieve the

   best-possible outcome

- Finding strategies to manage yourself well when change is out of your control

- Maintaining self-respect when you feel poorly valued

- Considering the range of choices and options available


  • Managing your own redundancy or job loss:

- Talking through shock, anxiety, anger and fear

- Exploring new career opportunities

- Identifying and taking the first steps in finding new work

- Maintaining momentum


  • Making a career change:

- Considering options

- Balancing practicalities and following your dreams

- Start-up strategies

- First steps

- Financial considerations

- Thinking through the impact of the changes you are about to make


  • Returning to work:

- Exploring your hopes and dreams for returning to work

- Finding the job that will fulfil you and fit your life

- Work,life and family balance

- Ideas and support from your peers in the group


  • Downsizing and retirement:

- Identifying your hopes and aims, and planning to achieve them

- Managing a change in or loss of identity

- Maintaining self-respect and self-worth outside working life

- Retaining a network

- Financial and practical considerations









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