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 Harriet Spicer and Kathy Gale facilitated a series of monthly, two-hour workshops for Croydon's Social Work Academy. The topics covered were personal awareness, strategies for change, communication and moving forward. These workshops were attended by both social workers and managers and were received very positively. We are in the process of commissioning a further training course with Working Edge. right-quote

Dame Lorna Boreland-Kelly, Strategic Advisor/Head, Social Work Academy, Children Families and Learning, Croydon Council.

 Working Edge offers the chance to really think about how you manage your life, both at work and at home, and why you respond the way you do. And when issues are discussed, and patterns of behaviour examined - and hence seen with more objectivity - you can consider real change. Taking part left me feeling calmer, clearer - and considerably happier. right-quote

 Working Edge offers excellent opportunities to identify solutions that helped me face varied challenges in my work. I was given lots of encouragement that helped me produce immediate results and ways forward in my career. right-quote

 Working Edge provided me with a fantastic opportunity to talk about relationships and challenges at work in a safe and confidential environment. right-quote

 We called on Kathy Gale when our organisation was merging with another, to advise us how best to restructure and develop our publications department. Kathy spent time with each company and talked to all staff members concerned with a great deal of sensitivity. She researched the history and performance of the department, analysed our business plans and helped us to recruit a new Head of Department. We implemented Kathy’s suggestions and our publications department has revolutionised its performance, making a much stronger contribution to our organisation. right-quote

Rachel Thomson, Senior Programme Director - Campaigns, the National Institute for Adult Continuing Education (NIACE).

 Harriet and Kathy are unfailingly generous in fostering an enriching environment in which a group of exceptional people inspires, offers perspective, clarifies and motivates. As a member of Working Edge for some time, I have been more insightful and effective in my profession. More recently, as the opportunity has arisen for a significant change of direction, the group's support and enthusiasm has been invaluable in allowing me to make a decision about the future with confidence. right-quote

 Working Edge has offered me time and space to look objectively at my current situation, and to begin to consider new pathways. Harriet and Kathy are inspirational group leaders who gather together highly intelligent, stiumulating and thoughtful participants in an open and supportive environment. I leave each session with a sense of renewal, and full of admiration for all involved. right-quote

 Having some help from Kathy really helped me to gain confidence for a public speaking performance. I was very nervous and quite anxious about talking to an audience, but she was quickly able to grasp where my strengths and weaknesses were and help me to overcome my weaknesses and emphasise my strengths.  Through her guidance I actually enjoyed the experience of talking in public, something I thought was not possible before. right-quote  Marion, London

 I attended a one-day ‘Introduction to Speaker Training’ run by Kathy Gale and Liz Rivers in October 2010. For me and I think all the other delegates, the course delivered everything that we were looking for. Liz and Kathy were great at making everyone feel relaxed and calm and helped boost everybody’s confidence as we worked on our speaking skills through the day. Many useful and practical tips were given which are easy to remember and I have been using these since the course. If you want to really improve your public speaking skills - and in a way that is really fun and enjoyable throughout - then I highly recommend this course! right-quote  Simon, London



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