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Kathy Gale Executive Coach and Mentor

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Kathy Gale


As an executive coach and mentor, I work with individuals, organisations and groups, and I am passionate about supporting people and companies to achieve personal and professional success.  It is my experience and belief that each person has an innate desire to perform at their best and that, with the right support and skills, every individual and every organisation can greatly enhance their effectiveness.

I specialise in company development, conflict resolution, team building, communication skills, interpersonal relationships and presentation skills.  I work with each person, team and organisation on an individual basis, working with each person's style and experience to enable them to achieve their personal best in their own unique way. 

I am also a BACP-accredited psychotherapist and counsellor, and I run a private psychotherapy practice in north London, working with individuals, couples and groups.  My training and experience in this field enables me to work with my coaching clients with particular insight and sensitivity, and ensures that I can incorporate the personal and emotional issues that may prevent people from achieving their best at work.

Prior to working as a psychotherapist and coach, I worked in book publishing, as an editor, in marketing and in senior management.  I have been Editorial Director of Pan Macmillan, Marketing Director of Simon & Schuster and Joint Managing Director of The Women's Press.  For seven years, I was Project Director of the Quick Reads charity, a collaborative venture between bestselling writers and celebrities, leading publishers, government, the BBC and others to encourage more widespread reading across the UK and Ireland.

I continue my work with writers as a writing coach.

The common thread in my busy portfolio career is supporting people and organisations to maximize their personal, professional and creative potential.


We called on Kathy Gale when our organisation was merging with another, to advise us how best to restructure and develop our publications department.  Kathy spent time with each company and talked to all staff members with a great deal of sensitivity.  We implemented Kathy's suggestions and our publications department has revolutionised its performance. right-quote
Rachel Thomson, Senior Programme Director - Campaigns, the National Institute for Continuing Adult Education (NIACE).

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