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About Working Edge executive coaching and mentoring


Working Edge provides executive coaching, work mentoring, professional training and peer coaching groups. 

Companies and organisations can resolve difficulties and maximize effectiveness with Working Edge.  We can work with you to resolve conflict, manage change and develop excellent teams, in which each member takes responsibility for their own behaviour and performance, develops strong communication and relationship skills, and is supported to become the best they can be in their working lives. 

With a Working Edge coach, you can explore the challenges you face at work, strategies you would like to develop and any aspects of your working life you would like to change. By taking the time to focus on your personal and professional goals, you can access valuable and surprising new perspectives and ideas.

Our peer coaching groups are held in London and are open to professional people who have arrived at positions of some seniority and responsibility.  They include people from a wide range of backgrounds, including the city, publishing, the theatre, television, education, major corporations, the public sector, health, alternative health, and the voluntary sector.

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